Technical training for guitarists Some interesting technical and warm up exercises for guitarists The following exercises are ideal as part of the warm-up training: We start with four exercises for the fingerings of the fretting hand, which are at the same time excellent to train the coordination between the two hands.The exercises can be done anywhere… Read More

Five Cool Country Licks, Comping Country in A PlayAlong: Download Lick 1: Download Lick 2: Download Lick 3: Download Lick 4: Download Lick 5: Download … And the video:    … Read More

This belongs in a guitar case or a gig bag: Guitar Strap Picks Notes Tuner Cotton cloth Cable Replacement strings Replacement battery Strings winder String care products… Read More

In this workshop I would like to give an overview of jazz chords for guitar. By jazz chords, I mean four-sounds that can be tonally expanded by options tones (tensions). A four-sound consists of the basic triad plus Septime or Sext. For now, we're just using the septim. In order to save sounds and make… Read More

Vokabelliste für Gitarre/vocabulaire de guitare/vocabulary for guitar Deutsch Français English/Am. English Gitarre f guitare f guitar Hals m manche m neck Griffbrett n touche f fretboard Bundstab m barrette f fret Bund m case f fret Kopf m tête f headstock Sattel m sillet m nut Brücke f chevalet m bridge Mechaniken f mécaniques f tuning pegs Korpus m corps m body Decke f table… Read More

Barrée chords are very useful on guitar to be able to play all those chords that you can’t grab as open chords. Open chords are the chords you play with blank strings. E.g. C major: x 3 2 0 1 0 A Fis major chord, for example, contains no sound found on an open string.… Read More