Technical training for guitarists

Some interesting technical and warm up exercises for guitarists

The following exercises are ideal as part of the warm-up training:

We start with four exercises for the fingerings of the fretting hand, which are at the same time excellent to train the coordination between the two hands.
The exercises can be done anywhere on the fretboard. To fit the Playalongs, we go to the V Postion on the D string.
So the 1st Fingers frets in the 5th fret, the 2. in the 6th, the 3. in the 7th and the 4. in the 8th.

While doing theses exercises pay attention to fretting the strings precisely:

  • all joints are pointing outwards,
  • the finger is touching only the string (not the fretboard or the neck),
  • the finger sits next to the fret.

Make also sure that you use alternate picking  and pluck exactly synchronized with the fretting hand.


Alternatively these exercises can be done only with the fretting hand, producing the sound by hammer-ons/pull-offs bonds.









And a few exercises for the plucking hand.

These exercises train the feeling for the strings of the plucking hand, and are therefore only useful if they are performed without looking at the strings.

RH-training - 1
RH-training - 2
RH-training - 3

Do all exercises with proper altenate picking!
Using classical technique, the thumb rests on the 6th string. In this case omit the 6th String. Accordingly, the fingers rest on the 1st string, while you use your thumb.

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