Workshops for guitar

These workshops for guitar are constantly in progress, constantly expanded and improved and provided with new exercises. It’s worth so often to come!

If you’re interested in a topic, or you have questions, feel free to contact me and I will answer your questions or make a new workshop to your topic.

I am always grateful for suggestions, corrections, praise and censure.

Have fun and happy learning!

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Barrée chords

Barrée chords are very useful on guitar to be able to play all those chords that you can't grab as ...
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Country licks in A-Part 1

Five Cool Country Licks, Comping Country in A PlayAlong: Download Lick 1: Download Lick 2: Download Lick 3: Download Lick ...
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I pack my suitcase

This belongs in a guitar case or a gig bag: Guitar Strap Picks Notes Tuner Cotton cloth Cable Replacement strings ...
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Jazz chords for guitar

In this workshop I would like to give an overview of jazz chords for guitar. By jazz chords, I mean ...
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Technical training – finger exercises

Technical training for guitarists Some interesting technical and warm up exercises for guitarists The following exercises are ideal as part ...
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Technical Training – Scales

Scales with 3 Notes per string ...
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Vocabulary list German – Français – English for guitar

Vokabelliste für Gitarre/vocabulaire de guitare/vocabulary for guitar Deutsch Français English/Am. English Gitarre fguitare fguitarHals mmanche mneckGriffbrett ntouche ffretboardBundstab mbarrette ffretBund ...
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