A playalong for James Hetfield’s solo in Metallica’s beautiful ballad „Nothing Else Matters“. Chords are: 3x ||: Em | D C :|| G B7 | Em | Em | Feel free to improvise your own solo!… Read More

A JamTrack in E-Minor made for practicing improvisation. You may recognize this chord progression. It’s used in many famous songs, e.g. „Nothing Else Matters“ by Metallica. Like the Metallica song this JamTrack is in 6/8 and the whole chord progression is 3x ||: Em | D C :|| G B7 | Em | Em |… Read More

A JamTrack in G-Major made for practicing improvisation. Use the G-Major scale, G-Major pentatonic or E-Minor pentatonic or blues scale. The difference between the pentatonic scale and the blues scale is the added #4 or b5 in the blues scale. In the video you see scale diagrams in which these notes are stars 🙂 And… Read More